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Wedding cake slices are 4 layers of cake with buttercream and/or filling in between and are the traditional wedding cut as 1" x 2" x 4.5-5".

Buttercream cakes start at $8 per slice and fondant cakes start at $9 per slice.

Cakes are priced by the slice and number of guests you're looking to serve.


The final price is dependent upon

the design elements incorporated and venue location for delivery.

If you are ready to inquire about your wedding cake or to schedule a cake tasting,

please inquire here.

Buttercream designs starting at $8/slice, fondant designs starting at $9/slice.

coffee snob

espresso cake | salted caramel buttercream

cookie lover

cookies & cream cake | cookie dough filling | vanilla bean buttercream

dark berry

chocolate cake | triple berry buttercream

Lavender's blue

earl grey cake with blueberries | lavender buttercream | dried lavender


chocolate cake | chocolate ganache | chocolate buttercream


almond cake drizzled with coffee simple syrup | chocolate ganache | espresso buttercream


lemon cake | strawberry buttercream

white satin

vanilla bean cake | white chocolate ganache | vanilla bean buttercream


Cake Parfaits.jpg
Cinnamon Roll Display.jpeg
Cookie Cake.jpeg
Waffle Bar Display.jpeg

The final price is dependent upon the design elements, quantities,

dessert trays/cake stand rentals (optional), and venue location for delivery.

Please inquire here for pricing and availability.

cake parfaits.....$4/each MINIMUM 2 DOZEN

your choice of cake & buttercream pairing

cake flavors:


vanilla bean



buttercream flavors:


vanilla bean

triple berry

cookies & cream

salted caramel


Cinnamon roll Towers/trays...designs starting at $4/cinnamon roll

cookie Cake StackS... designs starting at $100

5" diameter, 7 layers of chocolate chip cookies with vanilla bean buttercream.

Different sizes available upon request.

Waffle Bar Stacks... starting at $50 per stack

Single-tier stacks of 5 waffles layered with buttercream and/or filling (fruit, nuts) in between.

Topped with buttercream and/or filling (fruit, nuts).

Specialty syrup available for an additional fee.

One waffle stack serves 8.


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Almost everything on the wedding cake and dessert bar menu can be modified

to accommodate special dietary needs.


Sweet Ride Bakeshop regularly uses flour, nuts, and dairy, 

and takes allergies and food preferences very seriously.

Precautions are taken when dealing with this type of request.


If you or a guest has a severe allergy,

it is not recommended that you place an order with Sweet Ride Bakeshop.

Pricing for gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options

will incur a higher price due to specialty ingredients. 

Please inquire here for pricing and availability.

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